Welcome Brewtiful Hoptimists!

We are Bianca and Stefan from Aachen, Germany. In December 2021 we decided to share our passion for beer and underground pubbing with you.

As passionate craft beer drinkers we love to try new beers and deeply enjoy the different and rich tastes that the small breweries around the world give to their products. We also love to visit new cities and explore the local pub scene to find small and cozy underground pubs with special beers and a nice atmosphere. Every time we discover such a location, we want you to be a part of it and, of course, we are looking forward to receiving relevant tips from you.

Since 2020 we joined the growing scene of homebrewers and produce our own beers as well. This is a very exciting and tasty hobby.
We´d like to connect ourselves to fellow homebrewers and share the fun of beer brewing with you.

So, if you like to join us, we´ll take you on a journey for beer tasting, underground pubbing and beer travelling.